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Get Scoop on Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Nikita and More!

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We know we've bombarded you with reviews, previews and clips fromthe new fall shows—you're welcome, by the way—but we bet you're itching for some scoop on your favoritereturningshows, too. Perhaps you guys want info on little shows likeGrey's Anatomy, CastleandGossip Girl? Plus, a whole load of others?

You got it. We've got scoop on a belovedGleepair, aOne Tree Hillplotline that threw us for a loop and bloody good details onVampire Diaries' smoking-hot new season.

Can you stand the excitement? Stop biting your nails, stop twirling you hair and get reading.

luisa_gleek:anyGleejuicy scoop?
We have some scoop down the page, but nothing compares to how much scoop we'regoingto get! We're at the Fox Fall Premiere party right now, and we're talking to the stars ofGlee,House,Bones,Fringe, and more! We're already on the scene, so you'd better go tweet questions for the Fox peeps to our WWK reporter (@jbomb11) before it's too late!

Eva: Kristin, we need your expert Emmy opinions. Who's winning? Who's losing?
We've already picked our "should win" and "will win" forBest Comedy and Best Drama, but our predictions won't stop there. All week we'll be choosing Emmy's big winners, but be warned: ifFriday Night Lightsis in a category, that's our pick.

Carlise in Philidelphia, Pa.: WHERE IS THE 2011 FALL TV PREMIERE CALENDAR!!!! I have them for the past 2 seasons but none for this season... i can't keep track of the shows without it...for shame!!!!
Hm, if only there wassome wayto tell you thatwe postedthefall premiere calendarback inJulyand it'sbeen up for many,many weeks. Oh, that's right.We can tell you now!Don't worry; we would never deprive you of a handy, dandy calendar.

Kristin in Ocean Grove, N.J.: Where is the love forRescue Me's final season? It has been funnier than ever and I'm really going to miss it!
We are, too! Tell you what, if you come back tomorrow wemighthave a really awesome behind-the-scenes clip that is a must-see for fans.

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