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Is Rob Kardashian Nervous About His Dancing With the Stars Debut?

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What,Rob Kardashianlose his cool?!

"Believe it or not, I am not nervous," the E! star said earlier today, speaking exclusively to us from his trailer on theDancing With the Starsset. "You can't be nervous when you know your steps."

That's not what we've heard from other first-time hoofers (usually it's more along the lines of, "I'msoooonervous!"), but we'll take his word for it.

But there's a reason why Kardashian feels comfortable and, interestingly enough, it's not because he's used to having cameras follow him around...

"I don't like to get in front of people," he said. "But I just feel comfortable with [partnerCheryl Burke]. My family is gonna be there and I feel comfortable with the dance. I was feeling kind of nervous before I went to bed, a little bit, but I was just like, ‘Hey, just have fun with it.'"

So, did he get any advice from big sisKim Kardashian, who appeared on the show's seventh season with proMark Ballas?

"Kim has said to have fun with it," Rob revealed. "She was so nervous when she did it. She was miserable and freaking out every day. She told me just to have fun with it and that's what I am going to do."

And, while we won't know until tonight how he does, it sounds as if he's been listening to Cheryl's performance pointers.

"I'm gonna make sure I stand up straight, keep my head in the right place and smile. I think people will be pretty surprised," he said. As in, getting-to-the-finals surprised?

"I don't like to say that, because it is not good karma," Rob said. "I don't have dance history or background. I don't know what to expect. I think the whole cast is pretty even. If I get past a few weeks we will see what happens."

In the meantime, he's at least hoping to shed some more pounds, having started out at 200 and finding himself at 195 or so after four weeks of intense rehearsing.

"I still love to eat and my diet isn't perfect," Rob admitted. "But we haven't gotten up to the fast-paced dances yet. Hopefully I will lose more."

Best of luck that he sticks around long enough to learn the jive!

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